Pass Plus Driving Lessons
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Pass Plus gives the newly qualified driver additional supervised experience on the road which includes situations that they would not encounter when learning to drive. It gives parents peace of mind that all general aspects of driving have been experienced and assessed.

On completion of the course, a report is submitted to the Driving Standards Agency who will issue a certificate confirming successful completion of Pass Plus. This can then be presented to insurers to apply for reduced insurance premiums which may enable the full cost of the course to be recovered by the insurance discount.

The course consists of six hours tuition including:

  • Town driving
  • Out of town driving including rural roads
  • All weather driving
  • Night driving
  • Dual carriageways and motorways
Learner Driver Lessons
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Learner driving lessons are available in three lengths. Lessons can be booked in slots of single hour, hour and a half and two hours bookings. During these lessons you will be following the driving curriculum and cover all of the core disciplines required to pass the practical driving test. Our aim is to ensure your driving skills last a lifetime and that this standard is achieved as quickly and as economically possible.

Motorway Driving Lessons
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Richard Taylor Driving also offers lessons specifically targeted at Motorway Driving. Motorway driving is a fundamentally different driving experience than the driving undertaken to pass your test and as such the challenges and thinking required is equally different.  

In these lessons you will be taught how to handle high speeds, safe overtaking manoeuvres, the use of slip roads and hard shoulders, appropriate lane usage as well as the vastly different sign and safety warnings.

In these lessons we cover not only the driving techniques but also all of the safety and vehicle checks you need to conduct before a motorway journey.

Refresh Driving Lessons
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Refresher driving lessons are perfect for anyone who is not on the road on a regular basis. The single aim with refresher lessons is to build confidence, this could be in regard to general driving or it could be a specific manoeuvre such as reverse parking. Due to this these lessons are completely customisable and can be tailored to ensure that upon completion you are prepared and have the ability to be a safe and confident road user.

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